Survey Reveals Crypto Investors Are Cautiously Optimistic Heading into 2023

In 2022, crypto hit a new level of mainstream awareness, for better or worse. Coming off the highs of a 2021 bull run where Bitcoin topped $69,000, we end the year with fewer players and many lessons for us all. Despite the ups and downs,’s long-term vision remains focused on the users — so we decided to ask how they’re feeling. polled consumer crypto investors to gain insight regarding their thoughts and opinions in an inaugural poll, ‘Crypto Confidence: A Survey on Investor Sentiment.’ The survey focused on crypto usage and sentiment leading into the holiday season and the new year.

More than 40,000 respondents from around the world painted a picture of cautious optimism. Despite Crypto Winter, 40% of respondents purchased crypto this year and also plan to do so in 2023, demonstrating that many investors remain measured but bullish. In addition, nearly 40% of respondents say they will discuss crypto around the holiday table this season, a clear indication that crypto has hit mainstream awareness.

Overall results include:

  • 41% purchased crypto this year
  • Nearly 40% plan to purchase crypto next year

Looking at some geographic and seasonal findings, the survey revealed that certain countries are more bullish than others.

  • 44% of US respondents bought crypto this year and 40% plan to buy next year
  • Ghana respondents are pro-crypto, with 44% purchasing crypto this year, 60% planning to next year, and 53% planning to discuss crypto at the holiday table
  • Representing the largest group of respondents, 50% of Nigerians purchased crypto this year, 46% plan to next year, and 46% also plan to discuss crypto at the holiday table
  • Brazilians were split almost 50/50 on purchasing crypto
  • Only 34% of Germans purchased crypto this year and 30% plan to next year
  • Italians were overwhelmingly skeptical of crypto, with only 31% purchasing crypto this year, 29% planning to purchase next year, and 31% planning to discuss crypto at the holiday table

Countries with the highest responses, in order, were Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Ghana, and Germany.


More than 40,000 people from all over the world who visited the Explorer site, one of the top 3 crypto sites in terms of web traffic, responded to survey questions between November 28 — December 9, 2022. Survey Reveals Crypto Investors Are Cautiously Optimistic Heading into 2023 was originally published in @blockchain on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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