Announcing’s new Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer

At we’re on a mission to build a financial system for the internet that empowers anyone in the world to control their money.

Times of crisis put leaders to the test. Through the last few weeks of incredible challenge, volatility, and truly unprecedented uncertainty, our globally-distributed leadership team has impressed me in their ability to helm the battle stations with steady hands, clear minds, and courage.

It is a great joy to announce that we’ve promoted two of our own this quarter to serve as’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer respectively.

Firstly, after a measured and lengthy search for the right COO, the board and I determined that we had the most right person already at the company: Xen Baynham-Herd. Xen joined three years ago as Global Head of Strategy after spending 7 years as a trader at UBS where among other things, he managed a $10 billion structural asset portfolio and derivatives trading book. Since joining the team, he has driven the build out of our brokerage trading products, markets team, our exchange, served as the General Manager of the Wallet, and most recently, led our global product teams as EVP Product.

In his new role as COO, Xen will be my partner and oversee product operations, markets, operations, customer success, marketing, communications, data and talent.

I’m also pleased to announce that Charlie McGarraugh has been promoted to Chief Strategy Officer & Global Head of Markets. Charlie has been with the team since October 2018 following the acquisition of Stratagem, where he was CEO, and has already contributed massively to the company as Global Head of Markets.

A former trader and partner at Goldman Sachs, Charlie has a wealth of financial markets experience and his trading and risk management expertise has been invaluable and hugely impactful. Charlie has also played a key role in driving forward our strategic partnerships, markets business, and structured products.

Charlie is a truly charismatic person, always super stoked, with a genuine enthusiasm for trading and markets that’s infectious. Charlie also has an incredible intellect, is a deep macro thinker, and is among the smartest individuals that I’ve ever worked with. On a personal level, I’ve really enjoyed working with Charlie and I’m very grateful for everything he’s done so far. I have the utmost confidence in his ability to lead.

As Chief Strategy Officer Charlie will be responsible for corporate development, financial product development and business development in addition to continuing to lead the Markets Team.

Xen and Charlie care deeply about crypto, and about this historic opportunity to bring more financial freedom to the world. To the moon!

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