Setting the standard for customer support, plus tips for newer users

Our user operations team is a tight-knit group with a passion for bitcoin and a knack for problem-solving. Whether you’re a new or experienced Blockchain Wallet user, chances are you’ve already reached out or visited our support center .

Providing support to a user base of nearly 12 million wallets is no simple feat, but our team is singlehandedly raising the bar for customer service performance. The numbers without a doubt reflect that. The past 6 months were jampacked with 38,000 support requests, and our users received an initial response from us in just under 2 hours on average, compared to a 25 hour benchmark. That’s better than the initial response rate for 98% of customers contacting other ZenDesk-powered help center teams. And when it comes to resolving issues on the first try, our team consistently performed over 20% above benchmark. These are numbers we’re incredibly proud of. We truly appreciate their efforts to make using bitcoin and the Blockchain Wallet an enjoyable experience.

And in true user-ops fashion, our team of troubleshooters have helpfully crafted three of their most important pieces of advice to share with newer users. Here’s what they came up with:

  1. Explore our Support Center and take advantage of all the resources at your fingertips. We’ve got answers to our most commonly asked questions , and our Security Center guide is dedicated entirely to walking you through wallet security fundamentals. A quick search may save you time and you may learn some extra things along the way.
  2. Write down your Wallet Recovery Phrase, Wallet ID, and password. Store them safely before sending funds to your wallet (and never share them). We never want users to be without a backup plan, and that’s exactly what the recovery phrase is. Learn more about why it’s so important, plus when you’ll need it here.
  3. Double check your transaction details before sending. Bitcoin transactions can’t be reversed, so there’s no way to undo them if you’ve sent them to the wrong recipient. At the minimum, make it a habit to check the amount you’re sending, plus the first and last five digits of any bitcoin address you’re sending to.

A big thanks to our support team for letting us pick their collective brain for this post and for setting the gold standard on customer support.

Do you have any feedback for our support team? This form will deliver it straight to them.** You can also connect with them on Twitter, . Let us know what you appreciate and how we can make your experience better!

Originally published at on February 16, 2017.

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